Growth Traps and Value Opportunities



Tommy Garvey

Ben Inker

John Thorndike


In this session, Ben Inker speaks about value opportunities today compared to the market environment a year ago during our last Investor Conference. Ben defines “growth traps” and why they are at least as destructive as value traps, if not more. John Thorndike follows with a deeper dive into regional equity performance and valuations and their implications for opportunities and portfolio construction going forward.

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Key Points

  • A year ago, value looked historically cheap across many measures. We implemented our Equity Dislocation trade (long value/short growth) and were pleased with investor interest.
  • The concern about value traps is real. But the lesser discussed growth traps present even more risk to investors.
  • Broadly, value outperformed over the last year, but with a high level of volatility.
  • Over the last decade, the U.S. and Japan delivered on fundamentals while Europe and emerging markets disappointed mildly.
  • The primary driver of U.S. exceptionalism over the last decade has been multiple expansion, leaving non-U.S. markets cheaper than the U.S.
  • Value opportunities are an important component of our portfolios via long positions in non-U.S. value stocks and global exposure to long/short strategies.

The Value Opportunity Today

The case for looking different

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Ben Inker and John Thorndike presented this session at our U.S. Conference on November 3rd. Tommy Garvey presented at our Europe Conference on November 15th.
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