Web Fraud and Phishing Warning

Along with other investment firms of similar scale and global reach, GMO’s name, the names of our funds and our reputation may be misused fraudulently by people impersonating us. Fraudsters publish fake websites and engage in dialogue with prospective investors in order to obtain payment by deception for non-existent financial products. These scams are unfortunately prevalent.

The only domain name used and authorized by GMO is GMO.com. We have not authorized the use of gmoim, gmoinvestmentmanagement, gmofunds, or other related domain names by any third party entity.

Do not share your password and login ID for GMO.com with anyone. Once provided with your initial access, you will not be asked for this information by anyone at GMO. Do not communicate or deal with personnel who are not affiliated with an authorized office. Do not send GMO-related e-mails to addresses without the “GMO.com” suffix.

Many financial services regulators provide general information on their websites about avoiding investment scams. If you suspect that you may be the victim of a website scam, please contact the financial services regulator in your home country or consult their website.