GMO Solutions

GMO partners with investors to deliver the solutions they need to meet their investment goals.

For over 40 years, we have provided innovative, tailored investment advice to our clients to help them address their investment objectives. Senior professionals from across GMO work closely with clients’ staff, candidly discussing the challenges they’re facing and sharing our market perspectives.

Through this engagement, we have forged long-term partnerships with the world’s most sophisticated investors. Results have included:

  • Launching new investment strategies targeting specific opportunities
  • Designing personalized portfolios that meet objectives and take into account relevant constraints
  • Devising unconventional solutions to challenging issues

Many clients view GMO as an extension of their own investment resources, helping them to achieve their desired outcomes.

Contact us to start a discussion about how GMO solutions can help you meet your goals.  


Alex Bark, Head of Global Client Relations

“GMO has been tailoring dynamic custom portfolios to meet our clients’ evolving objectives since long before the term “solutions” became fashionable. Many of these clients remain close partners decades later, and that is testimony to our ability to listen and adapt alongside them.”