Our Approach

We believe that investing using a valuation-based approach best serves clients over the long term.

GMO’s investment teams are all grounded in this common philosophy.

Investing for our clients with conviction over the long term

  • A long-term, valuation-based investment philosophy permeates GMO's investment teams. We believe this approach will deliver the best risk-adjusted returns for our clients
  • Across market cycles, many of the most interesting investment opportunities we see are at market extremes, where we believe that standing apart from other investors and pursuing contrarian strategies can ultimately create the most value.

  • Privately owned, GMO is free from the external demands of public ownership or the competing priorities of a parent company. This independence allows our investment teams to bring the discipline and patience needed to maintain long-term views with conviction.

Shared philosophy, differentiated execution

  • Successfully applying our philosophy across asset classes requires an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities of each market.
  • GMO investment teams have focused, deep expertise investing across multi-asset class, equity, fixed income, and alternative markets.
  • Each investment team employs an active investment process tailored to a specific area of focus.
  • Some of our teams rely on innovative quantitative tools, others use rigorous fundamental research, while many blend the two approaches.
  • GMO actively promotes collaboration and the exchange of ideas across our investment teams. Forums that encourage this include both formal investment ideas meetings and investor retreats, as well as frequent informal cross-team meetings and discussions.

Firmly aligned with our clients' interests

  • Managing client assets is our only business; all of GMO’s resources are committed to delivering investment and client service excellence.
  • Clients benefit from our commitment to provide straightforward, candid advice, which often exceeds the expectations of a specific engagement.
  • All GMO clients have access to our industry-leading research and commentary. For decades, our Quarterly Letters, 7-Year Asset Class ForecastsWhite Papers, and Annual Client Conferences have inspired industry-wide discussion.