We believe that active engagement helps us to better assess key ESG risks and opportunities and, critically, how these matters support – or risk hurting – long-term investment results.

As stewards of our clients’ capital, GMO investment teams have for decades met one on one with companies and countries, raising concerns and expressing our views on specific issues, including ESG matters.

We use engagement and proxy voting practices to understand how issuers are addressing key ESG risks and to encourage behavior that supports positive long-term results.

Proxy Voting Approach

We seek to vote proxies to encourage and reward behavior that supports the creation of sustainable longā€term growth and in a way consistent with the investment mandates of the assets we manage for our clients. The below documents outline our practices and activity.

GMO Proxy Voting Policy

GMO Proxy Voting Summary

Proxy voting activity for companies held by GMO portfolios

Annual Report on the implementation of the Shareholder Rights Directive Engagement Policy of GMO Funds Plc and GMO Investment Management Company (Ireland) Limited

Shareholder Rights Directive Engagement Policy - GMO Funds plc

Shareholder Rights Directive Engagement Policy - GMO Investment Management Company

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation Framework - GMO Funds plc, GMO Investment Management Company (Ireland) Limited, and GMO LLC

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation Information - GMO Netherlands