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The Good Thing About Climate Change: 5 Years On


GMO launched the Climate Change Strategy five years ago on the back of extensive research conducted by Lucas White and Jeremy Grantham. The paper they co-wrote at the time was titled “The Good Thing About Climate Change: Opportunities.” During this webcast, Lucas White looks back at the opportunities we have seen in the last five years and discusses the favorable outlook for climate change investors today.

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Key Points

  • After five years of strong performance, we continue to find attractively priced investment opportunities in our climate change universe. Despite the strong growth of the sector, many stocks continue to trade at a healthy discount to the overall market.
  • The world is mobilizing to address climate change and the energy transition is already underway, and likely to play out over several decades. This remains a poorly understood area of the market presenting strong investment and alpha opportunities.
  • The existence of secular growth does not make investing easy. GMO’s value discipline has helped deliver strong returns to our investors while identifying companies engaged in climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • The current discount to the market is below both where we started and the average discount we have seen over the last five years.
  • GMO has a unique strategy that is well positioned to capitalize on these opportunities and has outperformed its benchmark handsomely since its inception 5 years ago.

our strategy continues to trade at a discount to the market

Valuation of GMO Climate Change Strategy relative to MSCI ACWI

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As of 3/31/2022 | Source: IBES, MSCI, GMO
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