Events | February 11, 2022

A Focus on People and Purpose


GMO’s CEO, Scott Hayward, connected with two esteemed members of our Board of Directors, Peg McGetrick and Andrea Muller, for a conversation on People and Purpose. All three discussed their perspectives on the power of fostering culture, engaging people and defining purpose - a deeply relevant topic for all of us today given the extraordinary impact of the last two years.

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Key Points

  • Purpose is what draws us to an organization, it is not just about what it does operationally. People embody that Purpose, and create our Culture.
  • A culture of trust is necessary to ensure that every employee feels comfortable to bring their views forward. Such an environment fosters inclusion and diversity of thought, which are necessary ingredients to drive innovation, especially for an organization that is 45 years old.
  • As we look ahead, and intentionally shape our environment and the way we work together in the new hybrid world, we focus on the three Cs – Creativity, Culture and Coaching.