The GMO Real Return Global Balanced Asset Allocation Strategy seeks to generate total return greater than that of its benchmark of 60% MSCI World Index, 20% Bloomberg U.S. Aggregate Index, and 20% FTSE 3-Month Treasury Bill Index by allocating dynamically across asset classes, free from the constraints of traditional benchmarks. The Strategy invests in a GMO-managed mutual fund, which in turn invests in actively managed equity, fixed income, alternative, and cash strategies, and a GMO-managed hedge fund-of-funds, which seeks positive total return with low volatility relative to equity markets and low correlation over a full market cycle to traditional market indices.

The philosophy that underlies all of GMO’s Asset Allocation investment strategies is the belief that, at times and in the short term, the pricing of asset classes can deviate from true intrinsic value, but mean reverts to appropriate valuation levels over the long term. GMO’s proprietary 7-Year Asset Class Forecasts form the foundation of our investment process, providing a framework to assess the return opportunity embedded in different asset classes. We use that insight to allocate to what we believe are the most attractively priced asset classes. GMO’s Asset Allocation approach is flexible, not pre-determined by static allocations or benchmark-related ranges, constrained only by our unwillingness to overpay for an asset. We also seek to add value through security selection within both traditional and alternative asset classes.





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Risks associated with investing in the Strategy may include the risk that one or more of the underlying portfolios will not perform as expected and that the Strategy will indirectly be exposed to all of the risks of an investment in the underlying portfolios. Other significant risks associated with investment in the Strategy may include: Market Risk - Equities, Market Risk- Fixed Income, Non-U.S. Investment Risk, Management and Operational Risk, and Derivatives and Short Sales Risk.