The GMO Emerging Country Debt Shares Fund’s objective is total return in excess of that of its benchmark, the J.P. Morgan Emerging Markets Bond Index Global Diversified (EMBIG-D). The Fund invests substantially all of its assets in Class III shares of GMO Emerging Country Debt Fund, which invests primarily in external debt of sovereigns and quasi-sovereigns. 

GMO’s Emerging Country Debt team focuses on bottom-up issue selection, seeking to find issues with similar default characteristics but better long-term total return potential than the issues in EMBIG-D. We believe that our approach provides value-oriented clients with long-term investment objectives  a significantly higher likelihood of outperforming the EMBIG-D than the approaches employed by other emerging debt managers who focus on economic forecasting, market timing, and other macro/top-down approaches. 


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Investor Information


Risks associated with investing in the Fund may include: (1) Credit Risk: The risk that the issuer or guarantor of a fixed income investment or the obligor of an obligation underlying an asset-backed security will be unable or unwilling to satisfy its obligation to pay principal and interest or otherwise to honor its obligations in a timely manner. (2) Market Risk - Fixed Income: The market price of a fixed income investment can decline due to market-related factors, including rising interest rates and widening credit spreads, or decreased liquidity due to market uncertainty about the value of a fixed income investment (or class of fixed income investments). In addition, the market prices of emerging country sovereign and quasi-sovereign debt instruments can decline due to uncertainty about their credit quality and the reliability of their payment streams. (3) Illiquidity Risk: Low trading volume, lack of a market maker, large position size, or legal restrictions may limit or prevent the Fund from selling particular securities or closing derivative positions at desirable prices. (4) Derivatives and Short Sales Risk: The use of derivatives involves the risk that their value may not change as expected relative to changes in the value of the underlying assets, pools of assets, rates, currencies or indices. Derivatives also present other risks, including market risk, illiquidity risk, currency risk, credit risk, and counterparty risk. For a more complete discussion of these risks and others, please consult the Fund's prospectus.


An investor should consider the fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses before investing. This and other important information can be found in the fund’s prospectus. Read the prospectus carefully before investing. Please see prospectus above.

The GMO Trust funds are distributed in the United States by Funds Distributor LLC. GMO and Funds Distributor LLC are not affiliated.