The GMO U.S. Equity Strategy seeks to generate high total return by investing primarily in U.S. equities. The Strategy measures its performance against the S&P Composite 1500+ Index. 

The Strategy’s investment approach is grounded in the Systematic Equity team’s belief that, in the short term, equity markets exhibit exploitable inefficiencies as a result of irrational investor actions, the imperfect flow of information, and the participation of non-economic actors, while in the long-term returns are ultimately driven by economic reality. The Strategy aims to take advantage of these inefficiencies by utilizing a multi-factor valuation model in conjunction with other methods, such as cross-asset signals and corporate alerts, to identify undervalued equity securities. 





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Risks associated with investing in the Strategy may include Market Risk - Equities, Management and Operational Risk, Focused Investment Risk, Illiquidity Risk, and Derivatives and Short Sales Risk.