GMO is a trusted resource for those charged with identifying and evaluating investment managers and strategies for institutional clients.

GMO is committed to offering the best experience for consultants worldwide. Through a dedicated, global team of consultant relationship managers, we work with consultants of all sizes to provide the strategies, thought leadership, timely client information, and access to senior investment leadership that they need to advance their and their clients’ goals.

We are proud to have consultant relationships that extend over 40 years and continue today. 

Advancing the investment goals of our shared clients is our only business

  • For over 40 years, GMO’s sole focus has been investing. Privately owned, we are free from the external demands of public ownership or the competing priorities of a parent company, and thus we are able to put our consultant partners’ interests, and those of our shared clients, first.
  • In addition, our independence enables GMO investment teams to focus on the long term, an investment horizon consistent with that of our institutional clients.
  • Similarly, we are able to offer consultants candid, straightforward advice.

Long-term, valuation-based investment philosophy

  • GMO’s investment teams are grounded in a common, long-term, valuation-based investment philosophy. Far from trend-followers, we have remained steadfastly committed to this investment philosophy through varying market environments over more than four decades – a consistency that we believe adds value for our clients.
  • Each investment team employs an active investment process tailored to a specific area of focus.
  • Some of our teams rely on innovative quantitative tools, others use rigorous fundamental research, while many blend the two approaches. 

Industry-leading investment research