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GMO launches asset management platform Nebo, with coverage from MarketWatch, FundFire, ThinkAdvisor and Wealth Management.

John Thorndike, Tom Hancock, Lucas White and Drew Edwards featured in Value Investor Insight’s profile of GMO (September 30, 2022): ‘Risk and Reward.’

Ben Inker featured in Barron’s Streetwise podcast and column (October 10, 2022): ‘The U.S. Dollar Is Superstrong. 8 Ways to Invest Abroad.’

Jeremy Grantham appears on the We Study Billionaires podcast (July 28, 2022).

Jeremy Grantham featured in Associated Press Q&A (July 18, 2022): ‘Famed buble caller Jeremy Grantham: Stocks can fall more.’

Lucas White’s May 2022 GMO Quarterly Letter on Resources and inflation covered by Insider (May 27, 2022): ‘Demand for natural resources is only going to get stronger: A GMO portfolio manager explains why investors haven't missed the opportunity.’

Martin Emery discusses Systematic Global Macro Investing on the Excess Returns podcast (June 2, 2022).

Jeremy Grantham quoted in Bloomberg Green (April 7, 2022): ‘Russia’s War Bodes Poorly for World’s Resource Struggle.’

Jeremy Grantham in conversation with Bridgewater Founder Ray Dalio (May 17, 2022).

Ben Inker appears on ‘Barron’s Live’ (January 24, 2022): ‘The Outlook for U.S. Stocks and Bonds: Talking with GMO's Ben Inker.’

Tina Vandersteel appears on Bloomberg’s Masters in Business podcast discussing emerging markets debt investing (January 21, 2022).

Scott Hayward featured in Institutional Investor’s coverage of CFA Institute’s DEI Code (March 22, 2022): ‘CalPERS, GMO, MassPRIM, and More Commit to CFA Institute’s DEI Code.’

John Thorndike interviewed by Institutional Investor (April 14, 2022): ‘GMO: Value Outperformed Growth in the First Quarter. That Doesn’t Mean It’s Over.’

Jeremy Grantham on Bloomberg Front Row (January 26, 2022): ’Calling A Super Bubble.’

Jeremy Grantham’s January 2022 paper ‘Let The Wild Rumpus Begun’ received media coverage from outlets including Bloomberg, CNBC, Financial Times, MarketWatch and Citywire.

Tom Hancock and the GMO Quality Fund profiled by Australian Financial Review (February 22, 2022): Why this US fund manager is bullish on Taiwan chipmaker.’

Jeremy Grantham’s April 2022 paper on Putin’s invasion and Resources covered by Bloomberg, FT Alphaville, Insider, MarketWatch, The Acquirer’s Multiple and Advisor Perspectives.

Binu George and GMO EM Ex-China featured in Bloomberg Markets Magazine (January 27, 2022): ‘Stripping China From Emerging Markets Is Wall Street's New Craze.’

James Montier featured in Citywire Q&A on the inflation debate and the best way to guard against rising prices (December 7, 2021).

Jeremy Grantham appears on Citywire’s Mistakes Were Made podcast (November 25, 2021).