The GMO Resources Strategy seeks to deliver total return by investing in the equities of companies in the natural resources sector. Long-term supply and demand dynamics in natural resource markets favor upward price trends – demand growth is being driven by population growth and the development of emerging markets, while supplies of cheap, easy to access natural resources are declining. To harness this trend, we focus on identifying companies in public equity markets that we believe will benefit from a broad rise in resource prices, across a diversified portfolio of energy, metals, agriculture, and water.

We can invest globally across the capitalization spectrum, including emerging markets, which allows us to identify attractive investment opportunities wherever they may be.

Resource equities have historically delivered attractive characteristics to investors including strong real returns in inflationary environments, a low correlation with broad equity markets, and are available at attractive valuations.

Quarterly Update | Video

2Q 2023 Strategy Review

In the latest quarterly update, GMO’s Focused Equity team reviews Strategy performance over the prior quarter, current positioning, and our outlook moving forward.

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Risks associated with investing in the Strategy may include Focused Investment Risk, Commodities Risk, Market Risk - Equities, Management and Operational Risk, and Non-U.S. Investment Risk.

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