The GMO Global Real Return (UCITS) Fund seeks to achieve a return in excess of that of its benchmark, the OECD G7 Consumer Price Index, by allocating dynamically across asset classes, free from the constraints of traditional benchmarks. The Fund seeks annualized excess returns of 5% (net of fees) above the OECD G7 Consumer Price Index, over a complete market cycle.

The philosophy that underlies all of GMO’s Asset Allocation investment strategies is the belief that, at times and in the short term, the pricing of asset classes can deviate from true intrinsic value, but mean reverts to appropriate valuation levels over the long term. GMO’s proprietary 7-Year Asset Class Forecasts form the foundation of our investment process, providing a framework to assess the return opportunity embedded in different asset classes. We use that insight to allocate to what we believe are the most attractively priced asset classes. GMO’s Asset Allocation approach is flexible, not pre-determined by static allocations or benchmark-related ranges, constrained only by our unwillingness to overpay for an asset. We also seek to add value through security selection within both traditional and alternative asset classes.


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Fund Inception Date November 30, 2011
Fund Total Assets as of 31/12/2022 $780mm USD
Benchmark OECD CPI G7 (JPY)

JPY Class A





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Risks associated with investing in the Fund may include: Management and Operational Risk, Market Risk - Equities, Non-U.S. Investment Risk, Market Risk - Fixed Income Investments, and Derivatives and Short Sales Risk. For a more complete discussion of these risks and others, please consult the Fund's prospectus.


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