The GMO Resources UCITS Fund seeks to generate total return by investing in equities in the natural resources sector.

GMO’s Focused Equity team believes that the increasing demand for natural resources, driven primarily by population growth in and industrialization of emerging markets, coupled with the limited supply of these resources, favors an upward trend in resource prices over time. The Fund seeks to invest in the securities of companies that we believe will benefit from this expected long-term rise in natural resource prices.


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Fund Inception Date March 29, 2021
Fund Total Assets as of 31/05/2024 $208mm USD

USD Class D





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Risks associated with investing in the Fund may include: (1) Focused Investment Risk: The Fund invests its assets in the securities of a limited number of issuers, and a decline in the market price of a particular security held by the Fund may affect the Fund's performance more than if the Fund invested in the securities of a larger number of issuers. (2) Commodities Risk: Commodity prices can be extremely volatile, and exposure to commodities can cause the value of the Fund's shares to decline or fluctuate more than if the Fund had a broader range of investments. (3) Market Risk - Equities: The market price of an equity may decline due to factors affecting the issuer or its industry or the economy and equity markets generally. Declines in stock market prices generally are likely to reduce the net asset value of the Fund's shares. For a more complete discussion of these risks and others, please consult the Fund's prospectus.


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