The GMO Climate Change Trust seeks to deliver high total return by investing primarily in equities of companies GMO believes are positioned to benefit, directly or indirectly, from efforts to curb or mitigate the long-term effects of global climate change, to address the environmental challenges presented by global climate change, or to improve the efficiency of resource consumption.


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Fund Inception Date October 5, 2021
Benchmark MSCI ACWI
NAV as of 26/10/2021 1.0585




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Risks associated with investing in the Trust are as follows: (1) Focused Investment Risk: Because the Trust focuses its investments in securities of companies involved in climate change-related industries, the Trust will be more susceptible to events or factors affecting these companies, and the market prices of its portfolio securities may be more volatile than those of trusts that are more diversified. (2) Market Risk - Equities: The market price of an equity may decline due to factors affecting the issuer or its industry or the economy and equity markets generally. Declines in stock market prices generally are likely to reduce the net asset value of the Trust's shares. (3) Management and Operational Risk: The Trust runs the risk that GMO's investment techniques will fail to produce desired results. For a more complete discussion of these risks and others, please consult the Trusts Information Memorandum or Product Disclosure Statement.


The GMO Australia Trusts (the "Trusts") are issued by GMO Australia Limited ABN 30 071 502 639, AFS Licence No. 236 656. The Trusts accept investments from wholesale investors only. Retail investors are not able to directly invest in the Trusts but may be able to gain exposure to some of the Trusts by investing with certain investor directed portfolio services, master trusts, wrap accounts or custodians ("Services"). GMO Australia Limited, GMO LLC, and their affiliates, do not guarantee the performance of any Trust or the repayment of an investor's capital.

This information is of a general nature only and is not advice. It does not take into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any specific investor. The offer to invest in a Trust for wholesale investors is contained in the current Information Memorandum. A Product Disclosure Statement ("PDS") may be available for some of the Trusts and is solely for use by retail investors gaining exposure to a Trust through a Service. The Information Memorandum and PDS (if available) may be accessed from this website. Investors should read the Information Memorandum or PDS, consider their own circumstances, and obtain their own advice before making an investment decision.