GMO is a global investment management firm committed to providing sophisticated clients with superior asset management solutions. Our sole business is investment management and, as a private partnership, we are accountable only to our clients and to ourselves. We forge strong partnerships with our clients, managing their money as if it were our own and offering them honest counsel. Our deep and talented investment teams are highly experienced and forward-thinking, investing with focused expertise in a wide range of asset classes.

  • Investment Results: We believe that valuation-driven investing with a long horizon will achieve the best risk-adjusted returns.
  • In-Depth Analysis and Research: We combine rigorous fundamental analysis with innovative quantitative methods to understand the long-term drivers of returns.
  • Our Clients: We provide our clients with candid investment advice.
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GMO-Quarterly-Letter-image_trim GMO Quarterly Letter

2018 was a lousy year for almost all assets, with no major asset class around the world able to keep pace with U.S. Treasury Bills. The poor returns have a silver lining, however, in that today a number of asset classes are priced at levels that embody much more achievable expectations and decent long-term returns. In general, it looks to be the best opportunity set we have seen since 2009. This means it is reasonably straightforward to put together a diversified portfolio priced to achieve something close to +5% real return. But as U.S. equities and nominal government bonds are not among the appealing assets, we believe the portfolio you should own today looks more or less nothing like a traditional 60% stock/40% bond portfolio. In particular, liquid alternatives now look poised to deliver attractive real returns and outperform developed equity markets in the coming years.

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GMO Climate Change Strategy
Lucas White, Lead Portfolio Manager for the GMO Climate Change Strategy, highlights the tremendous opportunities we see in the climate change sector today. In navigating a sector likely to be rife with hype and stories, a disciplined, value-oriented approach and careful examination of fundamentals are critical to the process.

The Race of our Lives Revisited
Jeremy Grantham warns of the long-term, slow-burning problems that threaten us today including climate change, population growth, increasing environmental toxicity.

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