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GMO Launches Quality Global Equities Trust for Australian Investors 30 September, 2020

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GMO Expands Management Team with New Hires, Adds Investment Capability with Acquisition July 15, 2020

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Jeremy Grantham on CNBC's Closing Bell June 17, 2020

Jeremy Grantham and CNBC's Wilfred Frost discuss GMO's outlook on the market, the coronavirus pandemic and why the current environment may be the fourth 'Real McCoy' bubble of Jeremy's investing career. To view interview, click here.


The GMO Quarterly Letter was named by Advisor Perspectives as the #1 most popular commentary of 2019.

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Ben Inker appears on episode 183 of the Meb Faber Show in what Meb describes as “one of his favorite chats all year”.

Episode #183: Ben Inker, “The Problem With Good Returns In The Near Term Is They Have To Be Paid Back Sometime

The Economist September 21, 2019

Jeremy Grantham, Long-Term Investment Strategist and Co-Founder of GMO, was profiled alongside Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Michael Bloomberg in The Economist’s recent Climate Issue as one of twelve leaders focusing on Climate Change. The article correctly states that Jeremy expects significant returns in the decade ahead from climate-friendly investments. GMO’s Climate Change Strategy was launched in 2017, and looks to invest in companies focused on mitigating the impacts of and adapting to the outcomes of climate change. To read the article, please click here.

GMO Wins Multiple Lipper Fund Awards 2019 United States

GMO receives awards for GMO Quality Fund, GMO Emerging Country Debt Fund, GMO Special Opportunity Fund and is a trophy winner for GMO Resources Fund. Winners are rewarded for consistency over time, including the top 3-year, 5-year and 10-year funds, as well as trophy winners across 10 distinct categories. Please note that these are not Lipper Rankings. More information, including methodology can be found at To learn more, click here (subscription required).

Jeremy Grantham on CNBC’s Closing Bell March 7, 2019

CNBC's Wilfred Frost sits down with Jeremy Grantham to talk about markets and the global economy. To view interview, click here.

Financial Times October 29, 2019

FT Alphaville features Pete Chiapinelli’s presentation on the “Passive Aggressive ‘Agg” from the annual conference hosted by Grant's Interest Rate Observer ("The Agg-grevated index", [registration required for access], by Jamie Powell).

Australian Financial Review September 25, 2019

GMO head of Focused Equity Tom Hancock comments on the investment outlook ("Bond market feeling 'bubbly' says Hancock," by Sarah Turner).

Morningstar July 10, 2019

James Montier interviewed by Morningstar head of global manager research Jeff Ptak and director of personal finance Christine Benz in 'The Long View' podcast ("Montier: 'How Do I Get Paid for Owning This Asset?'").

Bloomberg News July 9, 2019

GMO head of emerging country debt Tina Vandersteel comments on century bonds issued by Mexico and Argentina ("Century Bonds Having a Moment as JPMorgan, Pictet Load Up," by Ben Bartenstein).

Barron's June 24, 2019

GMO ESG Practice Manager Hardik Shah on GMO's approach in sustainable investing ("The 100-Year Portfolio: How Sustainable Investing Has Grown Up" [subscription required for access], by Daren Fonda).

Citywire June 10, 2019

Martin Emery of GMO's Systematic Global Macro team on opportunities in global markets ("Is it time to back a global macro renaissance?," by Bailey McCann).

Barron's May 27, 2019

Peter Chiappinelli of GMO's Asset Allocation team comments on the market for negative-yielding debt ("The World Turned Upside Down: Five years of negative rates have left central bankers struggling to return to normalcy" [subscription required for access], by James Grant).

Institutional Investor May 9, 2019

Ben Inker: "It is almost certain that investors would achieve better overall outcomes if they recognized the risks outside of their portfolios that really matter and invested accordingly" ("GMO: Your Portfolio Obsession Is Forcing Bad Calls," by Christine Idzelis).

Institutional Investor April 22, 2019

GMO co-founder Grantham sees profit in battling an existential threat ("Jeremy Grantham Says Investors Should Be 'Intrigued' by This Strategy," by Christine Idzelis).

The New York Times Magazine April 14, 2019

The Climate Issue: "An unsettling fact of Wall Street today is that some of the same people who accurately predicted the housing bubble are now describing another bubble, whose collapse will make the financial crisis of 2008 look mild" ("Hedging Against the Apocalypse," by Jesse Barron).

Advisor Perspectives April 5, 2019

In 'Gaining Perspective' podcast, ESG practice leader Hardik Shah discusses how GMO integrates environmental, social and governance factors into its investment processes ("GMO's Approach to ESG Investing").

CNBC March 7, 2019

Anchor Wilfred Frost interviews GMO chief investment strategist Jeremy Grantham from the New York Stock Exchange in 25-minute extended version of segments that appeared on the 'Closing Bell' program ("The full interview with Jeremy Grantham").

Bloomberg February 22, 2019

GMO head of Emerging Country Debt Tina Vandersteel comments on GMO's process in emerging-market debt and the outlook for Venezuela, Tunisia, Turkey, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil ("Star Fund Manager Ignores the Sell Side to Beat Emerging-Market Rivals," by Ben Bartenstein).

Learn more about the Emerging Country Debt Fund.

Citywire February 11, 2019

Citywire profiles Jeremy Grantham on the state of capitalism, the imperative to confront climate change, and the investment opportunity in emerging markets ("'The capitalist beast is out of control': Jeremy Grantham takes aim at corporate culture," by Alex Steger).

ThinkAdvisor January 28, 2019

Q&A on investment outlook with GMO head of Asset Allocation Ben Inker ("GMO's Inker: Bullish on Medium Term, but Big Threats Loom," by Jane Wollman Rusoff).

Bloomberg Businessweek January 17, 2019

Jeremy Grantham: decarbonizing the economy will be "the biggest reshuffling of the economy since the Industrial Revolution" ("Investing Prophet Jeremy Grantham Takes Aim at Climate Change," by Ben Steverman).

Learn more about the Climate Change Fund.

Citywire January 9, 2019

Carl Ross of GMO's Emerging Country Debt team: Turkey and Argentina could prove big winners from a revival in emerging market debt over the course of 2019 ("Grantham's fund house reveals top post-crisis EMD calls," by Chris Sloley).

Institutional Investor January 2, 2019

Tom Hancock, head of GMO's Focused Equity team: "a technology-heavy portfolio can still be defensive if it is comprised of the right companies that meet our quality standards and trade at reasonable valuations" ("GMO Pitches a Curveball," by Christine Idzelis).

Barron's December 3, 2018

GMO head of Asset Allocation Ben Inker "doesn't see much upside in U.S. stocks over a longer-term horizon because their valuation leaves little room for error" ("Stocks Spring Back to Life, Trade War or Not" [subscription required for access], by Ben Levisohn).

The Economist October 27, 2018

Buttonwood columnist quotes James Montier on the challenge of hewing to a value-investment strategy ("The agony of the value investor").

Sunday New York Times October 14, 2018

GMO Climate Change Fund portfolio manager Lucas White comments on companies involved in climate-change mitigation and adaptation ("These Funds Aim to Power Their Returns With Clean Energy," by Tim Gray).

MarketWatch October 11, 2018

Ben Inker comments on risks facing a typical 60/40 stocks/bonds portfolio allocation ("The 'sleep easy' portfolio recommended by your adviser may be riskier than you think," by Brett Arends).

Forbes October 9, 2018

Wallace Forbes interviews Catherine LeGraw, portfolio strategist of GMO's Asset Allocation team ("GMO Forecasts Better Value Outside U.S. Markets").

2018 Zenith Funds Awards October 5, 2018

GMO Australia was recently named Best Alternative Manager for 2018 by Zenith Fund Awards. For more information please see here.

The Wall Street Journal September 25, 2018

Tom Hancock, head of GMO's Focused Equity team, on positioning for a time when the rising tide of economic good news recedes ("Health-Care Stocks Lead This Leg of Rally, After Tech Giants' Stumbles" [subscription required for access], by Michael Wursthorn).

CNBC September 21, 2018

CNBC reports on interview of Catherine LeGraw ("Investor who helps manage $71 billion in global assets says US stocks are too expensive," by Thomas Franck).

Financial Times August 13, 2018

Jeremy Grantham: risks of divestment from oil companies have been vastly overstated ("Environmental risk heats up for pension investors" [subscription required for access], by Chris Flood).

The Wall Street Journal July 26, 2018

Ben Inker: "It is dangerous to assume that returns [on stocks] are going to be 7% from here. People have a strong tendency to extrapolate the unsustainable" ("Saving Too Little? Market Is No Savior" [subscription required for access], by James Mackintosh).

Barron's June 25, 2018

From a special report on The ABCs of ESG Investing, Jeremy Grantham highlighted among the most influential people in sustainable investing ("How Jeremy Grantham Is Taking on Climate Change" [subscription required for access], by Leslie Norton).

Morningstar June 25, 2018

Video of Jeremy Grantham's keynote address to the 2018 Morningstar Investment Conference ("Watch Jeremy Grantham's 'Race of Our Lives' Speech").

Meb Faber Research May 23, 2018

Host Meb Faber interviews James Montier of GMO's Asset Allocation team ("James Montier, 'There Really Is a Serious Challenge to Try to Put Together an Investment Portfolio That's Going to Generate Half-Decent Returns on a Forward-Looking Basis'").

Reuters May 09, 2018

Hardik Shah, ESG Practice Manager for GMO: emerging-market investors considering ESG factors can not only improve returns, but serve to improve the financial health of those markets ("Why Asian Investors Are Waking Up to ESG Data").

The Wall Street Journal April 17, 2018

Arjun Divecha: "We've always said you make more money when things go from truly awful to merely bad ... Russia's relationship with the world is now approaching truly awful" ("Russia's Stocks Show Flaw in Chasing 'Value'" [subscription required for access], by James Mackintosh).

Bloomberg April 13, 2018

Head of GMO's Emerging Country Debt team Tina Vandersteel noted ("Women Are Winning in Bond Funds. Why Aren't There More of Them?," by Liz McCormick).

New York Times April 13, 2018

Binu George, portfolio strategist for GMO's Emerging Markets Equity team, on the "massive opportunity" for investors in emerging markets ("Finding Emerging Markets Stocks With Social Consciences," by Tim Gray).

Business Wire February 26, 2018

GMO Announces Partnership with St. James’s Place; Responds to US Private Wealth Demand (click here to read article).

Financial Times February 13, 2018

James Montier: "Fund managers for the most part all agree that the US market is expensive but still they choose to own equities -- a cynical career-risk-driven position if ever there was one" ("The fully invested bear [subscription required for access]," by Dan McCrum).

Reuters February 05, 2018

Catherine LeGraw: emerging market value stocks "far more attractive than anything else we can find" ("Emerging markets stocks resilient as U.S. sells off," by Rodrigo Campos).

PBS: Consuelo Mack WealthTrack January 26, 2018

Consuelo Mack interviews Jeremy Grantham ("Riding a Market Melt-Up Then Coping With the Melt-Down with Legendary Investor, Jeremy Grantham").

Financial Times January 22, 2018

Arjun Divecha: China's shadow-banking system has grown too quickly ("China Bulls Beat the Shorts for Now [subscription required for access]," by Robin Wigglesworth and Gabriel Wildau).

The New York Times January 14, 2018

Catherine LeGraw notes that investors need not limit themselves to staid industries to gain exposure to attractively priced emerging market stocks ("Bargain Hunters Turn to Emerging Market Stocks," by Paul Lim).

The Wall Street Journal January 08, 2018

GMO favors cheaper emerging-market stocks ("How to Survive a Stock Market Bubble [subscription required for access]," by James Mackintosh).

The Economist January 04, 2018

Buttonwood column on Jeremy Grantham's market outlook ("A wild ride in 2018: Is the bubble only starting?" [subscription required for access]).