About GMO

GMO , founded in 1977, is a privately held global investment management firm servicing clients in the corporate, public, endowment, and foundation marketplaces. As of  December 31, 2014, we managed $116 billion * in client assets using a blend of traditional judgments with innovative quantitative methods to find undervalued securities and markets.

Our success in consistently providing value added performance across a broad range of asset classes is founded on several key factors that include: discipline, value orientation, investment research, and constant innovation (see GMO Qualities below). Our broad-based value added over benchmarks has led many of our clients to request that we allocate assets and advise them on a global scale.

Current Scale
$116 billion of assets under management, including:

Equities: $63 billion
Fixed Income: $16 billion
Natural Resources: $2 billion
Asset Allocation: $64 billion
Absolute Return: $15 billion **

GMO Qualities
We constantly strive for excellence, especially with regard to performance, client relations, and how we do our job.

Calculated Risk-Taking
We take calculated risks – when prudent – as a condition of winning.

We place the highest importance on our responsibility to our clients, to each other, and to building for the future.

Something Better
We strive to be unique, to set the standards for others, and to demonstrate our ability to sustain and grow.

We serve our global client base from our headquarters in Boston and offices in San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Sydney. GMO employs more than 550 people worldwide. For more information on GMO, please see Firm History. 

Note:  The asset breakout above may not include all underlying assets and thus may not add up to the total AUM figure shown.
* Natural Resources include:  1) GMO Renewable Resources assets; and 2) assets of GMO's Resources Strategy.
** Relevant Asset Allocation and Absolute Return assets are also accounted for within Equities and Fixed Income strategies.
Assets managed by GMO Renewable Resources, a joint venture, is not part of the GIPS compliant firm, GMO. GMO Renewable Resources has assets of $1,951,691,308 as of 12/31/14.